Nigeria shut doors against Europe, America to combat coronavirus

Novel coronavirus disease 2019-nCoV written on blue folder.

The announcement by the Federal Ministry of Health yesterday of a new case of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Nigeria has intensified calls on the Federal Government to impose travel restrictions at the country’s entry points.The committee will receive citizens stranded in land crossings and prepare places for them to go into quarantine in the country, which has so far recorded one case of COVID-19,m according to the African Center for Disease Control.

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Many African countries are shutting their airports and land borders to keep out people from countries that have a high number of coronavirus cases.

Hundreds of international flights have been canceled, schools have closed and travelers from coronavirus-hit countries have been restricted or, in some cases, banned from visiting some countries in Africa.

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Coronavirus: 5 new cases of coronavirus reported, cases now 8

Five new cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) has been officially confirmed in Nigeria, bring the number of the case to eight as deadly virus spreads beyond borders.


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