Fans reacts to Burna Boy’s interview as ‘rude’ (Video)


Superstar Afrobeat singer, Burna Boy has been called out over an unruly behavior in a 2017 interview with VICELAND.

A Twitter user shared the video in which the singer was being interviewed by a Caucasian man, a representative of Vice media.

In the fast trending video, the Grammy-nominated singer could be seen sitting with his mum and grandfather as they spoke to a journalist who came to converse with the singer’s family on their life in the music industry.

During the interview, the African giant suddenly told the journalist that the interview was boring as he stood up, asking the latter if they could ‘roll out and go turn up’.

Eventually, the singer said ‘fuck stories men’ as he left the room.

Burna boy’s mother’s facial expression as her son walks out on the interview.

Watch The Interview Below.


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